Betsy DeVos Takes The Office Of The Highest Educator

Betsy DeVos has been a true supporter of education for years. That is likely why she was nominated for the.

Betsy DeVos has been a true supporter of education for years. That is likely why she was nominated for the position of United States Secretary of Education. She won that position by a very narrow margin of one vote in the United States Senate.

She is well known for her support of charter schools, school choice, and school voucher programs. She has been active in Michigan politics for a number of years, and has devoted much of her time and money in support of educational programs. Yes, she is very passionate about education for children.

And, she has given to education, with her and her husband, Richard DeVos, topping off at more than $139 million as of year ending 2015. The magazine, Forbes, lists them as the 24th largest giver in the United States.

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Betsy DeVos was an appointee by George W. Bush to the board of directors of another foundation, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She served in this position from 2004 until 2010.

While on the board of directors, she and her husband decided to fund a center to teach arts managers how to raise funds for their own cultural institutions. Thus, the couple gave the name to a new foundation, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, donating $22.5 million in 2010. The DeVos’ gift was the largest private donation in the Kennedy Center’s history.

Betsy DeVos has been a real supporter of charter schools and private school vouchers. She supports the idea that parents who send their children to private school could take the cost right out of their taxes, or that some form of tax relief or payment be arranged so that they are not stuck paying taxes for other kids’ education. Supporting charter schools, she says, will let all private and public schools compete for those students, thereby bringing out the best in all the teachers and the schools’ administrators.

She has been a member of the board of directors for Advocates for School Choice.

She has been around and a supporter of freedom and education for most of her life. She will now carry that dream and that promise to the highest educational office in the land.

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  1. A lot of their money goes to health research, arts foundations, and education. Quite a bit of it goes to Christian charities and helps children. She was also on the board of the American Education Reform Council. There are many things in which might know about even if it is one or more thing that has the effect so much on all of them which is the true thing too.

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