Brian Torchin: Talented Chiropractor And Founder Of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He also has a degree in exercise science from the.

Brian Torchin is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He also has a degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware. Torchin is also the founder of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based HCRC Staffing, a staffing agency that links trained healthcare professionals with medical facilities that need them.

According to Lulu, Brian Torchin became aware of the need for employment services for medical professionals while he was building his successful chiropractic practice. As a result, he is now serving the medical community in two ways. He is helping provide relief for patients and staff for medical facilities.

While working in the medical field, Torchin heard many stories about the dire need for better access to properly trained support staff. Drawing on his connections, he was able to create a database of highly skilled medical professionals. He also created an effective system for connecting them to doctors and medical facilities that need their services.

Today he not only works to treat patients as a chiropractor, his company, HCRC Staffing is a leading provider of healthcare professionals for the medical industry. And he has managed to make both businesses very successful.

As president of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin has built the company into one of the largest health care staffing agencies in the United States. The company is nationally known for their commitment to providing medical facilities with quality doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals on a moment’s notice.

HCRC Staffing has been able to bridge the gap between qualified healthcare workers and the hospitals, doctors offices, clinics and other facilities in the medical field that need their services. It’s a beneficial relationship that creates opportunities for healthcare workers while meeting the needs of the medical facilities.

In addition to providing employment opportunities, Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing also provide career counseling services. HCRC Staffing also provides staffing and consulting services for law firms as well. The firm has a reputation for providing the right medical or legal staff for their clients within 72 hours.

This has made them a valuable resource in helping to address the high staff turnover in the medical and legal fields.

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