Keeping Our Prison and Personnel Safe with Securus Technologies

Working in a prison is perhaps the most dangerous job in all the world. At any given second, an inmate.

Working in a prison is perhaps the most dangerous job in all the world. At any given second, an inmate could spot an opportunity and turn out your lights before you knew what happened. The fact that we officers are outnumbers by 4:1 just makes my job each day that much more challenging. Keeping the peace in jail is a daily grind that just got a little easier this year thanks to Securus Technologies.


In the past, the way we limited the violence in the jail was by taking each visitor the side to inspect them for contraband. Things they could give the inmates that could become weapons range from utensils, anything metallic, and anything sharp. These inmates can turn a kitchen spoon into a sharp stabbing device, so the rules are simple, nothing is allowed in our prison. Even with the threat of jail time for the visitors, they still try to get the inmates the things they want.


To cut down on the contraband that does get past security, we do surprise cell inspections each day, and take away anything that should not be in those cells. Little did we ever realize that the phone system installed by Securus Technologies was going to quickly become one of the biggest resources we now use to make our prison safe for all.


The new LBS software that was installed with the Securus Technologies is a game-changer. We can monitor all the inmate calls and the system can pick up on conversations where inmates are talking about contraband. This year already we used the inmate phone system to uncover inmates using drugs in their cells, receiving drugs from certain visitors, and we even caught a corrupt staff member who was selling his prescription drugs to the inmates. This added resource will make the jail safer in the long run for all.


This article was written by getback