Securus Technologies keeps prison staff safe through video visitation

Nothing poses a greater threat to the nation’s penal institutions then prisoners who feel that they no longer have anything.

Nothing poses a greater threat to the nation’s penal institutions then prisoners who feel that they no longer have anything to lose. Prisoners without a sense of hope pose the greatest danger to the nation’s carceral facilities. These prisoners, who have lost contact with the outside world and have lost their bearing in life, are the ones most likely to join gangs, perpetrate violence and otherwise pose an institutional risk to the facility.


But one company is doing all it can to reduce the number of inmates suffering from the deep sense of ennui that can often come from lengthy prison terms. Securus Technologies is the nation’s leading provider inmate communication services. Serving over 3,500 institutions, it has a proven track record of delivering the best products in the business. Securus’ video visitation technology, in particular, has done more than perhaps any other product in reducing the incidence of violence and inmates unwilling to follow the rules of the institution. It has done this through its ability to keep inmates in almost constant touch with their loved ones on the outside, giving them the opportunity to maintain positive, pro-social relationships with law-abiding citizens, rather than descending into the depths of anti-social activity brought about by constantly being surrounded by dangerous criminals.


In this way, video visitation prevent prisoners from becoming deeply institutionalized, a problem that affects almost everyone who is cut off from the outside world during periods of long incarceration. Video visitation gives inmates a privilege that they don’t want to lose. The ability to stay in constant communication with loved ones on the outside is one of the greatest privileges that can be extended to those serving long stays in prison. Most inmates who are extended this privilege will go to great lengths not to lose it, leading to better behavior and fewer infractions within the prison.


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  1. One of the number one provider of inmate communication service is Securus who are doing everything humanly possible to make sure life in the prison does not pose a treat to the inmates. A recent development according to reliable is the video visitation. This accord the inmates the previlage of speaking with their love ones while having hope of reuniting with them someday. Securus have received awards due to their persistence in trying to make sure that the prison is safe for other unharmful inmates.

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