Tobias Jaeger, A Modern Day Executive With An Edge

As the Managing Partner of Axiom Venture Capital, Tobias Jaeger’s life is anything but ordinary. He’s lived, worked and studied.

As the Managing Partner of Axiom Venture Capital, Tobias Jaeger’s life is anything but ordinary. He’s lived, worked and studied in 43 countries. While visiting 4 different continents, he’s ever mindful of his executive leadership duties, which include overseeing daily investment transactions. These transactions enable businesses in all phases, from startups to established organizations, to raise the capital they need. Tobias is also responsible for Axiom’s consulting and advisory and finance division. When asked about his role with the company, Tobias made one thing very apparent. His company is interested, first and foremost in sustainable energy projects. If you check out his Twitter feed, you can pick up on just how dedicated he is to developing sustainable business ventures.


His primary goal is to manage the company’s resources efficiently. As a boutique firm, Axiom and Tobias only partners with companies in the entertainment industry. For television and films project funding, Tobias Jaeger helped to create Axiom Pictures. Axiom Pictures is the film equity arm of the parent company. All applicants most have at least $6.5 million dollars in assets to partner with Axiom. Axiom enables film makers to continue to grow their companies, without taking on debt or a huge amount of risks.


Tobias Jaeger and his wife and son maintain year round residency in Berlin and he is a regular on the German news network, WirtschaftTV. He provides commentary on events in the world of entertainment and media. Additionally, he’s also been a contributor to Business Associates Europe, Aramark and the entrepreneur academy. Tobias does it all, literally. He writes regular blog articles featured on the website, Medium. His posts are about various aspects of the entertainment industry and he recently wrote about a new movie release and its impact on revenues.


Before becoming involved in the entertainment industry, Tobias graduated from Texas A&M University’s abroad program with Maastricht University, where he obtained a postgraduate degree. Tobias loves to learn and in his spare time he continues to pursue educational opportunities. Having completed an online course, he said that was the best hundred dollars that he’s spent because of the diverse types of courses offered. He also incorporates books into his life philosophies and points to the, “The Richard Burton Diaries,” as a great read. He said that the book is entertaining and full of lighthearted humor and hidden insight.


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