US Money Reserve Launches A DRTV Show In Select Media Houses Across The United States

US Money Reserve is considerably the leading collector and distributor of federally issued gold, platinum and silver products. It began.

US Money Reserve is considerably the leading collector and distributor of federally issued gold, platinum and silver products. It began operating in 2001 and has grown to serve clients from around the world with United States legal tender metals. Currently, it has hundreds of customers who regularly transact with them to broaden and vary their assets by acquiring more metals.

They manage to provide high-quality service and products with the help of expert and experienced research teams and numismatic staff members. The employee team works diligently to find highly valuable metals that will satisfy every client’s requirements.

Crunchbase revealed that US Money Reserve has a higher standard of quality metals that surpasses the industry standard to offer customers with loftier products in comparison to conventional metals.

In 2016, the firm launched a Direct Response Television program in the United States to cater to the growing concerns of customers and prospective clientele. It will host well-informed metal experts who work for US Money Reserve, TV legend Larry King and President Ronald Reagan’s oldest son, Micheal Reagan. Ronald Reagan wasn’t silent about his perception in investing in the precious metals’ industry.

He stated that every American has equal rights to venture into the business and increase their net worth as well as diversify their assets. Micheal mirrors his father’s perception on the show, where he appears for the first few minutes before Larry King takes over as host.

Larry King guides the panel host in a heated and analytical discussion that analyses the process that goes into venturing into the business. The panel host includes US Money Reserve employees, Phillip Diehl, the president, and chairman of Industry Council for Tangible Assets, the vice president of sales, Brad Castillo, and the master numismatist John Rothans.

Some of the topics they delve into include the benefits of owning the US issued gold, silver and bronze, the shifting status of the present financial market, the United States’ dollar buying power and upcoming news on international events regarding gold’s bull market.

The chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, Angela Koch, stated that the firm’s excellent performance over the years has accurate representation in the 2016 Gold Summit Show. She expressed her enthusiasm for having Larry King as the host and Micheal Reagan as a contributor.

Angela stated that the longstanding relationship between the two and with the US Money Reserve made the creation of the show possible. The show will feature in select media houses across the United States, and each episode will air for approximately 28 minutes.

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